When you choose to buy fur clothing, you often do so because you want to be both comfortable and glamorous. Make no mistake; fur is one of the best fashion products that you can buy if you wish to achieve that. However, the main problem that you are likely to have when you buy fur is making sure that it matches your look.

That can be tough to get right, so we recommend that you consider the following tips. This will help you to buy fur that naturally matches your complexion.

Think about the shade first and foremost

The first thing to think about when buying fur is the shade. Look at the rest of your coat collection; do you tend to have more warm shades? Or more cool shades?


Getting that right can lead to you having a much more compatible looking fur product. Fur should match your own hair colour and your own skin complexion; avoid cooler shades if you are pale or you have extremely contrasting hair and skin.

How does it go with your hair?

Another factor is how your fur coat is going to match up with your hair. For example, a blonde will be mostly suited by having a brown or pastel fur product. A brunette, by contrast, is going to be suited to a more mahogany colour or any kind of red shade. Blues can work, too, but you should definitely avoid light shades of fur if you happen to be a brunette.

Avoid stark contrasts

This is the most common mistake that people make. Don’t buy a coat that contrasts your natural hair colour. This often leaves you with a look that is less impressive and more stand-out. Make sure that you pick a fur coat that can more naturally blend in with your hair colour. You don’t want it to match, of course, but you should avoid anything that makes either your hair or the coat stand out entirely from one another.


Think about the shape, too

Many women will choose to invest in fur products, but then find out that they don’t really like the finished look of the product they buy. Why? Because it might not suit their figure.


For those who are a more petite size, you should look to buy a coat that is made in a petite size in particular. Regular sized coats can be too long on the arm or too cinched around the waist.

What will you wear it with?

Consider, too, the clothing style that you will pair with the fur coat. If you want a particular coat to match up with a specific dress-style, then you should look for something that matches and blends with the rest of the colour of your outfit.


If you are looking for an easy way to understand buying fur, then take a look at Aria Moda. Their comprehensive fur collection should make it easier for you to buy something that feels and looks good from a personal perspective. Don’t just choose the first fur coat that you see, though; make sure it matches up to both complexion and personality. 

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